Artist Lenka Konopasek

posted by – 05/22/13 @ 1:47pm

In light of recent events in Oklahoma, I thought it would be appropriate to address a piece in our new show, Shadow and Light, called Indoor Tornado II. This piece was installed in our gallery a week before the tragedy in Oklahoma, and was selected for inclusion in Shadow and Light long before then.

In this piece, artist Lenka Konopasek explores the sinister subject of natural disasters. Like much of her work on the same topic, the playfulness and accessibility of Indoor Tornado II combined with its subject matter results in quiet beauty. This piece is intended to raise questions about longevity, the consequences of human behavior, and differences in cultural and national attitudes. Even though the imagery is disturbing, its intention is to draw attention to concepts of beauty as it relates to violence.

Creating this piece must have been an arduous process. Its inclusion in Shadow and Light is an extreme coincidence in relation to the subsequent tornado in Oklahoma. Nevertheless, a portion of the proceeds from the piece, if sold, will be donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts. Come by the gallery to view it in person; you will not be disappointed.

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