Fracking in the News

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Artist Pam Longobardi has long been working with the idea and manifestations of fracking in her work. On display at Tinney Contemporary are five large paintings on copper and several smaller works on paper that all explore fracking. Fracking is a very real and current ecological issue we as a country are dealing with. Fracking has been linked to flammable water from faucets in drilling towns and most recently, earthquakes.

On Tuesday March 26, 2013 a report was released directly linking the 2011 earthquake in Prague, Oklahoma to fracking. Let me repeat: fracking was the direct cause of an earthquake was felt in 17 states, 14 homes were destroyed, and two people injured.  This has not been the only incident of man-made earthquakes. U.S. Geological Survey researchers stated, “The recent rash of earthquakes in the central U.S. is almost certainly man-made.”

What is so amazing about Longobardi’s work is she seeks not only to explore the effects the industry has on the natural world, but also the emotional aspects. People are being directly affected by fracking, and Longobardi’s explosive color palette seeks to explore the multi-dimensional emotional aspects that the country is dealing with.

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