Fine Art into Emoticons

posted by – 02/16/13 @ 3:06pm

Having an entire text message conversation using only emoji characters is an art form of its own, but now, a group of art fans on Twitter have taken that concept to the next level: recreating famous works of art using just picture characters called emojis.

The meme — which you can follow on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #EmojiArtHistory — launched after Brooklyn-based artist Man Bartlett saw a blog of texts recreating the work of famous artists out of emoji. Inspired, he posted his own emoji version of artist Chris Burden’s Shoot (a performance piece wherein the artist was literally shot) on Twitter on Monday night, adding the hashtag and sparking a new art-geek meme. Soon serious art-world types like the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Tate were getting in on the action, sending their own emoji-filled tweets.

To collectively view these tech-savvy representations, follow this link.

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