Meet the Artist: Hyunmee Lee

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Hyunmee Lee was born in Seoul Korea, where she studied modern art and calligraphy at College of Fine Arts at Hong-Ik  before moving to Sydney, Australia to complete her training. In 1997, Lee relocated to the United States where she teaches art and continues to focus on her practice. Her abstract compositions with bold brushstrokes and rich fields of color reference her early training in calligraphy and reflect her concern with gesture. Lee describes her own work as making use of the “meditative gesture”. While meditation is a slow and relaxed process, gesture is associated with spontaneous and quick movement. The two terms may seem contradictory, but they reach a harmony in Lee’s canvases. Her abstract forms are painted without restraint and embrace a sense of freedom. At the same time, her use of bold fields of colors dominates the canvas, grabbing our attention and drawing us in. Truly alluring, Lee’s paintings are full subtle nuances; a thinly painted, transparent line may suddenly meet a dense, opaque block of matte black. Lee’s work fully embraces the spiritual unity of opposites, a prominent principle in the Taoist and Buddhist religions. Hyunmee Lee’s art is ultimately an exploration of the self, drawing from her Eastern and Western influences as well as her unique explorations of space and gesture. Hyunmee Lee’s show Silent Gestures will open at Tinney Contemporary this Saturday, November 17.

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