Zwirner Gallery Embraces the Theme of Destruction in the Aftermath of Sandy

posted by – 11/08/12 @ 12:25pm

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York galleries are racing to clean up their spaces, install new shows, and get back to business. David Zwirner has rallied to the task, and will open a new show this Friday, which appropriately explores the theme of destruction. The exhibition features a video installation by Diana Thater of the damage wrought by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. Thater’s images of the man-made tragedy are especially poignant in light of the recent natural disaster. Her use of film self-consciously explores the ability of the artist to construct the way we view things and think about the world. Through her lens, we see not only the destructive power of man, but also the regenerative forces of nature. The way disaster is recorded and perceived is a theme that will resonate with everyone in light of recent events.

Information on how to help out the hard-hit gallery areas such as Chelsea, the Lower East Side, and DUMBO is available through the Art Dealers Association of America. For those looking to help from TN, a list of non-profits to donate to is available here.

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