Inspirational Artist Wayne White

posted by – 11/01/12 @ 11:29am

This Halloween, artist Wayne White spoke at the Nash-Up symposium to celebrate the end of Artober. The event focused on Nashville’s growing art scene and creative engagement with the community. Tennessee native Wayne White delivered an inspirational speech emphasizing the fun side of art. White is a prominent painter, puppeteer, set designer and art director, whose achievements include three Emmys awards for  art direction on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. After leaving Hollywood, White began to focus on painting. He became well know for his word paintings, in which he paints brightly colored sayings over cheap thrift store landscapes. White’s work is extremely playful and has an almost sarcastic element to it. His 2012 documentary “Beauty is Embarrassing” further describes his aesthetic and philosophy.  In it he outlines his main career goal, to bring humor into fine art. White is an inspirational speaker who encourages all to follow their hearts and live a fulfilling and pleasurablel life.

Wayne White "Hot Shots and Know-It-Alls"


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