Fiber Art

posted by – 09/29/12 @ 12:06pm

Our upcoming show opening on October 6th features the work of Jack Hastings and Arlyn Ende. Both artists work in many different mediums, including sculpture, collage, and in Ende’s case, fiber. Fiber art has a long history stretching back to the invention of weaving. It is especially interesting as an art form because of the intense amount of manual labor involved in its production. Ende herself believes, “Textiles create warm, humanizing links between people and places. They enchant the eye and invite the hand. My designs for architecture are shaped by the influence of intriguing materials and challenges of a compelling site.” Ende has created fiber works for the Shalom Theatre, Joel Gordon Community Center, Nashville and Anderson Design Studio, Nashville, to name a few. We are looking forward to displaying these interesting art works, along with other mixed media works by her and Hastings in the upcoming weeks.


Celebrations of the Spirit, Shalom Theatre, Joel Gordon Community Center, Nashville


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