Yarnbombing: “Take back the knit!”

posted by – 09/08/12 @ 2:17pm

No, it’s not the newest method of middle school sleepover vandalism, but rather one of the latest forms of guerilla street artwork. The Public Art Network blog teasingly defines it as “Verb. To gently fashion knitted and crocheted works to public surfaces as cozy, impermanent graffiti”. Also termed “grandma graffiti”, this worldwide phenomenon has artists taking to the streets and knitting pieces directly onto various objects such as statues like “Charging Bull” near Wall Street in New York, as well as tree trunks, buses, and lampposts, among other items. Some artists have even managed to parlay this into full time jobs, receiving commissions from companies like Mini Cooper, Toyota and Etsy and requiring several assistants to complete their works. Though some “yarnbombers”  get offended when their artwork is referred to as so, others take a more humorous approach, recognizing that not all work needs to be on display in an art gallery. Either way, this playful street art is delightful. Have you happened upon any yarnbombing in Nashville?

A bus in Mexico City by Maga Sayeg

"Charging Bull"

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