The Life of a “Gallery Girl”

posted by – 09/05/12 @ 4:10pm

Even if you haven’t given in to them yet (you’re better than I), you’re probably aware of Bravo’s ever expanding oeuvre of reality TV shows, the latest of which takes place in the art world (or so it claims). As Kenny Schacter for NYC-based website GalleristNY puts it, “Gallery Girls is a reality show concerning seven young women who are allegedly attempting to break into some dubious incarnation of the art world, by working for galleries, consultants, and in one case, as an artist.”

Though its been panned by art critics like Blake Gopnik of the Daily Beast for its misrepresentation of the New York art world, the show has garnered a considerable amount of attention on various art blogs and online media outlets, and despite its alleged “misrepresentation”, is pretty entertaining regardless. If you’ve seen the show, or if you have even the slightest curiosity about what goes on in a day of a “gallery girl” intern, I can confirm and deny a few allegations.

Have I had to do something like count pebbles in two identical bonsai plants like poor intern Maggie, who works at a contemporary Chinese gallery in Soho? Or sit in the back organizing the collection of plastic bags for cleaning up after the gallery owner’s dog?  Fortunately, this is a resounding no (for now..) But I also don’t have an outrageously spacious apartment in a prime location like unpaid intern Kerri mysteriously does, nor am I aiming to project myself to “It-Girl” status by staging a personal exhibit with a body of work of what seems like ten photographs, like party-photographer Angela.

For a show called “Gallery Girls”, a miniscule amount of time is spent in actual art galleries, dealing with what could actually make for quite an interesting show. Things like the process of convincing an artist to sign, handling the crowd at an opening, or – gasp – even the curatorial and installation process fail to make significant appearances. But I suppose things like that just aren’t as entertaining as passive aggressive lunch dates and intern torture!

Gallery Girls is on at 9PM Mondays on Bravo. Will you be watching? I will…

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