Olympic Art

posted by – 07/27/12 @ 3:51pm

Over the past decade, Olympic poster artwork has taken a turn from macho, athletic scenes to pieces of veritable contemporary art. This year, acclaimed artists like Tracy Emin, Anthea Hamilton and Michael Craig-Martin were commissioned to create pieces for the London 2012 Olympics. With this in mind, we found the timing of the Olympic games with our current show “The New Real” featuring Eric Zener’s swimming paintings to be absolutely impeccable. It certainly seems as if his painting “Moving Through” captures the grace and power of an Olympic swimmer. The size and perspective of the painting even make if feel as if you’re getting a special underwater view of an Olympian’s first powerful dive into the pool. If you couldn’t make it to London, Zener beautifully captures the essence of swimmers in his two paintings on display here. Come check them out while they’re still up!

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