Meet the Artist: Hyunmee Lee

posted by – 07/24/12 @ 2:33pm

Tinney Contemporary artist Hyunmee Lee creates enchanting abstract paintings that seem to bridge various modes of abstraction–from instinctual mark making to cautiously formulated shapes and colors that keep the viewer’s eye in motion.Raised in Seoul Korea, Lee attended the College of Fine Arts at Hong-Ik before moving to Sydney, Australia to receive her masters at the Sydney College of Arts. Moving back to Korea before settling in the United States, perhaps Lee’s paintings are layered with disparate cultural influences because she has lived and worked on three continents. The spectrum of inspiration in her work is evident in the multiple dualities and enigmas that occur. Gestural and seeming to be intuitively created, her paintings are suffused with the peaceful, meditative qualities in Eastern religion and spirituality. Aesthetically, Lee’s work combines the history of Western modernism and abstract expressionism with a palette and tone found in traditional Asian painting. Truly alluring, Lee’s paintings are full of quiet, beautiful, nuances where a thinly painted, transparent line meets a dense, opaque block of matte black; and bold moments where a deep yellow or brown shape is in command of the canvas that is sporadically speckled with delicate lines and smudges of color. This coming November through December, there will be a solo show of Lee’s work at Tinney Contemporary.

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