Meet the Artist: Brian Tull

posted by – 07/18/12 @ 12:46pm

Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, artist Brian Tull uses both oil and acrylic paint to create photorealistic images that embody a tone of wistfulness, nostalgia, and ease through allegory.  In building his large portfolio, Tull has made commissioned paintings as well as works for the public such as the Rockabilly Highway Mural in Selmer, TN, Gibson Guitartown that is installed outside of the ASCAP building in Nashville, and many others.

As a self-taught artist, he has a technical sophistication that is so impressive and alluring it’s hard to not look at the work and wonder how someone could possibly create such an image by hand. Tull’s work combines his fascination of a bygone era, a time that he believes to have been“…simple, more genuine and honest,” with his truly sensational ability to render the real world.

Through mastering the technique involved in realism, Tull creates paintings that immediately cause the viewer to piece together a story upon seeing the work. All of his images—from the work for the public to the commissioned family portraits to the intriguing depictions of domesticity and industrial objects—reflect Tull’s great fascination with the past and storytelling.


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