Video: The World of Ali Cavanaugh

posted by – 07/13/12 @ 3:44pm

If artist Ali Cavanaugh’s vivid “neo fresco seccos” caught your eye at last Saturday’s art crawl, you can learn more about her unique artistic process and subjects in the short ten-minute film “Ali’s World”. The film visits Ali at her home in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri where she explains the process and inspiration of her paintings, revealing such details as the fact that she sometimes uses up to fifty layers of color to recreate the exact skintone of her models. Viewers are welcomed into Ali’s basement studio and backyard, where they can witness the entire process from photographing her models to attaching the final wire hanging. The film aptly captures Ali’s desire to portray both “the body and soul” of the human figure and to “exemplify the human condition” through the lens of her art.

Enter “Ali’s World” and learn more about the personal meaning behind several of her projects by watching the video below.

Ali’s World from Vimage Studios on Vimeo.

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