Tips for Beginning a “Grown Up” Art Collection

posted by – 07/12/12 @ 3:34pm

Though we may have felt impressed with ourselves when our first foray into “fine art” was hanging a poster of a famous sunrise on our dorm room wall, these thin, mass-produced posters get rolled up and crumpled, we move into places with non-communal bathrooms, and eventually it’s time to move onto something a little more sophisticated. Chrissy Crawford and Grace Greenstone of ArtStar, a contemporary print website, give some great tips about beginning the process of building an art collection for our own homes.

The first thing they recommend is to start slowly and inexpensively. Experiment with hanging a few things you like, and play around with it. Websites like Etsy are a great first step, and an easy way to find original, inexpensive prints and paintings that are done by real artists, rather than by a manufacturer. One of the points that they strongly emphasize is to “avoid garage sales and antique stores and support living artists directly who make an artist fee on each print sold.” Try to buy limited editions, which will not only retain their value, but also ensure that it’s unlikely that your neighbors will have the same piece.

They also strongly suggest buying framed art. A simple frame can make all the difference on a print or painting, adding a touch of polish to the work and also the environment that you display it in.

Lastly, learn about the art that you buy! Familiarize yourself and connect with artists that you like, and make visits to their studio or to the galleries that display their work. To read the rest of their tips, click here.


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