Meet the Artist – Kay Ruane

posted by – 06/30/12 @ 4:20pm

We’ve all had the experience of feeling the disconnect of being part of one world but feeling isolated from another, perhaps when traveling abroad or even just exploring an area of our own city where the signs begin to change language. Though this foreign world may seem daunting to us, there always seems to be a lingering desire to feel connected to it. This “longing to be a part of a different physical reality and the culture it embodies” is what Chicago-native Kay Ruane tries to express in her graphite drawings on view in our latest exhibit The New Real opening next week.

Kay’s greyscale drawings are punctuated with pops of vibrant color on carefully selected details which tie into the overall theme of each piece. The intense details can sometimes overtake the drawings themselves, but they are often what draw the viewer in and pique his or her curiosity about the fantastical scenes. Though Kay models the female figures in her drawings on herself, she strives to not only explore her own identity and relationships with the world but those of the figures, who have their own identities distinct from herself. The mystical worlds she creates are easy to get lost in and wonder about, and the viewer is free to assemble his own ideas about each work’s different meanings. Though the dreamlike and ethereal qualities of her pieces provoke the imagination, they still manage to remain quite relatable, as if they were one’s own daydreams. Join us to view Kay’s work in person at our six-person exhibit The New Real opening on July 7th.


Kay Ruane, Wildfire

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