Month: May 2015

Spanish Sculptor Jaume Plensa Exhibits at Two Nashville Venues

posted by – 05/06/15 @ 1:33pm

Jaume Plensa is the latest international artist to bring his internationally acclaimed art to our city. Exhibiting work here for the first time,  the artist is bringing work to display at Nashville’s two largest art venues: The Frist Center for Visual Arts and The Cheekwood Museum & Gardens. Though the majority of the large-scale works will be installed in the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, the Frist will also share a few pieces of the collection.  Plensa’s large-scale sculpture Isabella will be displayed at the entrance of the Frist Center, accompanied by a “sister” sculpture in the Cheekwood Gardens. there will be a series of small-scale works inside the Frist, as well.

"Sho" stainless steel, 2007


Plensa’s work deals with the human figure, transforming the dimensionality of the human form to create intriguing silhouettes while manipulating the material to transform the way we think of the human experience. “Plensa’s body of work is primarily inspired by the complexities of the human condition. He is known for the exploration of the tension between the interior and exterior life. The artist uses a variety of materials—from cast iron to steel and bronze to alabaster and synthetic resin—choosing the material which will best communicate his idea for the image. Plensa’s portraits are a radical reinterpretation of what is usually considered the domain of a more classical art.” (

"Paula, Rui Rui, and Awilda"


The artist’s work is likely to raise a great deal of conversation while on exhibition. This is the most in-depth display of his work in the country since 2010. While the artist has publicly exhibited in many major US cities, there has never been a show in our region. This should be a fantastic and rare opportunity for our city to experience world-class large-scale sculpture.