Month: December 2014

Art Overwhelm? Try a Piece by Piece Approach

posted by – 12/20/14 @ 1:51pm

Not sure what to do with the in-laws and family members this holiday season? How about checking out a few art galleries and museums as a family? If you are starting to shy away from this idea because you’re not sure everyone in your party would enjoy the outing, don’t shun the idea just yet.  It’s understandable that some find art museums and large galleries daunting. Even for the casual admirer, most museums contain enough artwork to merit days of enjoyment and discussion, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or even how to talk about what you see. Many of us find ourselves racing through each room casting hurried glances at piece after piece. Art critics Blake Gopnik and Christian Viveros-Fauné offer a different suggestion for approaching art appreciation. Forget the scramble to see and decipher every piece; pick just one. Pick one work of art and spend some time getting to know it and the artist. In case you aren’t sure what they mean, you can check out their video Strictly Critical. They spend a full hour at the MoMA examining and discussing Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31, 1950. In case you don’t have time to view an hour long discussion this holiday season, no worries, the highlights of their discussion are collapsed into this easily digestible five minute video. Check out this interesting perspective on viewing an American masterpiece, then head to a few local galleries and museums to try out their approach first hand.