Month: October 2013

Candas Sisman: A New Kind of Art

posted by – 10/08/13 @ 1:30pm

Digital video art is a relatively new art form. This new brand of formalism merges artistic creativity with an acute understanding of computer data. 50 years ago, could we have imaged an artist whose primary medium is computer technology? Perhaps this is the future of art – data analysts sitting at a computer, creating images and movements unlike anything the world has seen thus far.

Turkish artist Candas Sisman is an innovator of digital video art. He sees himself as a digital sculptor, composer, and performer, all in one. In each of his videos Sisman constructs mesmerizing abstractions, simulating movement in a new and exciting way. He displays his videos with (sometimes live) music that he composes himself. Sisman’s works encourage the viewer to enter another world – one where dimensions are different and the rules of physics don’t apply. The large size of his video displays help make the experience immersive and engaging. It also seeks to achieve synesthesia – seeing sound and hearing visuals.

This pioneering artist is not yet 30 years old. We should all be excited about Sisman’s future as an artist and the direction of digital video art. To watch some of Sisman’s videos, visit his vimeo profile here.


You can’t shut down art

posted by – 10/02/13 @ 11:27am

Last winter, I went to New York. To my disappointment, I found that I couldn’t visit the Statue of Liberty because of damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Bummer right? Now I’m heading to New York again this weekend and the Statue of Liberty is currently closed because of the government shutdown. Just my luck!

A very appropriate travelling exhibit titled The Divided State of America will be in Atlanta next week. It contains 9 pieces that illustrates the deadlock between the American people regarding numerous social and economic issues. I think this is really cool because art promotes discussion in a creative way. When you have an entire Congress uptight men and women that dress in business attire everyday, a splash of color from a pertinent art exhibit could really do them some good.

Click the image for more details on the upcoming Atlanta exhibit.