Month: June 2013

Interview with Daniella Woolf

posted by – 06/05/13 @ 12:03pm

In this enlightening interview with our artist Daniella Woolf, she talks about the history in encaustic, her own reasons for being drawn to this uniquely versatile medium, and how she has used encaustic to further her explorations in multi-media art.

An artist with an exceptionally wide range, the works exhibited in Shadow and Light are installations of origami boats crafted from old journals, notes, and school yearbook pages.

To get a closer look at her installations and the rest of the show, come by the gallery!

The Munro Experience

posted by – 06/04/13 @ 2:51pm

What is it about Bruce Munro that has everyone talking? Frankly, there are countless reasons why Munro’s “Light” at Cheekwood has caused such a buzz in newspapers, art forums, and even Vogue Magazine.

160 miles of fiber-optic cable in his “Field of Light” attest the immensity of Munro’s installation and transcend the viewer into an alternative reality. The abstract bulbs of color recreate the rolling, lush grounds of Cheekwood. Illuminating the darkness of the night, the colored lights immerse and involve you, creating a playful interaction.

With 20,000 lights in total, Munro transports the viewer far beyond Nashville, into the realm of light and wanderlust. In his “Water-Towers” Munro even provokes the ability to visualize sound as color, mesmerizing and infiltrating your senses.

The use of innovative technology creates a complex, yet engaging experience. Inside the mansion, “Pop Princess” focuses on the negative connotations of light and its impact on Princess Diana. Munro quite literally makes a statement on the horror of overexposure.

As Cheekwood holds Bruce Munro’s second-ever North American installation, a sense of rarity and wonder attracts viewers like moths to his effervescent lights.

“Light Reservation” by Bruce Munro Exemplifies the Munro Experience