Month: January 2013

Do You Speak “International Art English”?

posted by – 01/31/13 @ 12:30pm

Ever read an article or review and fifteen minutes later still have no idea what is being said? You know it is English, but the vernacular seems as though it could be an another language. You are not alone; you have encountered what is now known as International Art English.

Last fall David Levine, an artist based in Brooklyn and Berlin, and Alix Rule, a critic and PhD candidate at Columbia University, wrote an essay for Triple Canopy discussing IAE. It is an extremely informative comedic read. Levine and Rule delve deep to explore why it is necessary for the art world to use such discourse and also explores why it is so ridiculous.

So grab a cup of coffee, or wine, and spend a few minutes reading this article. Be prepared to be enlightened (or frightened, it really just depends on how you look at it.) Enjoy!

Sze named for U.S. Pavilion at 2013 Venice Biennale

posted by – 01/30/13 @ 2:44pm

Internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Sze will transform the U.S. Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale with her signature site-specific installations. Engaging architecture and space in new ways, Sze’s works feature the accumulation of everyday materials to create gravity-defying sculptural environments. Her practice exists at the intersection of sculpture, painting and architecture where her formal interest in light, air and movement is coupled with an intuitive understanding of colour and texture. Sze utilises a myriad of everyday objects in her installations from cotton buds and tea bags to water bottles and ladders, light bulbs and electric fans. Her careful consideration of every shift in scale between the humble and the monumental, the throwaway and the precious, solicits a new experience of space, disorienting and reorienting the viewer at every turn.

A MacArthur Fellow and Louis Comfort Tiffany Award-winner, Sze has captivated viewers with her large-scale, virtuosic constructions. Her recent achievements include the “Infinite Line” exhibition at the Asia Society and her award-winning New York City High Line commission. She has created ambitious, large-scale installations for the Cartier Foundation, the Carnegie International, the 1999 Venice Biennale, and the São Paulo Biennial.


World’s First Flying Art Gallery

posted by – 01/26/13 @ 4:45pm

Eine's work displayed in Gallery in the Air


Virgin Atlantic announces the latest addition to their flight services: an art gallery on a plane. Upper class patrons flying between London and New York can view artwork in-flight and at Virgin Atlantic’s clubhouses in Heathrow, Newark, and JFK. Patrons can purchase artwork while cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet. Extra features of the “Gallery in the Air” service include inflight movies such as “the making of” and a “behind the scenes.”


Eine's work installed


The first artist to exhibit work is London-based Ben Eine. Using a combination of spray paint, silkscreen, and paint Eine creates his trademark typography. Eine is one of London’s original street artists, and states his work revolves around “the central element of all graffiti – the form of letters.”

The first flying exhibition runs from February 1-18. Eine’s ten works can be purchased duty-free and prices range from $4,000 to $24,000.

For more information on the “Gallery in the Air” visit Virgin Atlantic.



Andy Warhol: Top-Selling Artist of 2012

posted by – 01/23/13 @ 12:39pm

Known for his exploration of the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement, Andy Warhol finished on top as the best-selling artist of the year. In the past year alone, this celebrated pop artist accumulated a total of $380.5 million. Warhol’s 1962 Statue of Liberty auctioned on November 14 at Christie’s for the extraordinary sum of $43.8 million, surpassing Rothko’s 1954 No. 1 (royal Red and Blue) as the top lot sold. Previously belonging to German entrepreneur Erich Marx, this silkscreened depiction of the iconic statue (repeated 24 times in green over red ink) has a three-dimensional effect, reflecting the influence of 3D film on Warhol’s art. Though Statue of Liberty doesn’t break any sale records for Warhol, his wider success in this past year’s art market is a punctual testament to his legacy exactly 25 years after his death.

A list of the top ten best-selling artists of 2012 can be found here.


Statue of Commemoration planned for Fifth Avenue North

posted by – 01/23/13 @ 12:36pm

The Nashville Student Movement (1960-64), a nonviolent direct action campaign, played a determining role in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Over the course of their campaign, sit-ins were staged at numerous downtown businesses. Adventitiously, our gallery’s location on the first floor of the Kress Building was once a popular department store and sit-in location.

The Nashville Student Movement would go on to produce many prominent civil rights activists, successfully culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now, forty-eight years later, Mayor Karl Dean has announced plans to commemorate our historical location on Fifth Avenue with a statue. Located across the street from our front doors, the statue will serve as recognition of Nashville’s legacy in championing equality before the law.

More information can be found in The Tennessean article here.