Month: February 2012

Colorblock Party

posted by – 02/29/12 @ 6:30pm

With spring weather teasing us on a weekly basis, we thought we’d come out of our winter cocoon and have a block party–a colorblock party, to be exact. Ever since Peri Schwartz’s exhibit The Architect Within, we’ve been stuck on warm-hued swaths of colorblocking (à la Schwartz’s abstract swaths, depicting bottles within her studio). From Aquilano.Rimondi’s punchy runway looks, to Rothko’s tried-and-true canvases of vibrant hues, we can’t get enough of the look. All hail colorblocking!

– TC

For another kind of party, head over to the 1st Saturday Art Crawl, this Saturday, March 3rd from 6-9 PM!

Movin’ on Up

posted by – 02/25/12 @ 3:05pm








Towering over Commerce Street, the FirstBank building isn’t the first venue that comes to mind when one thinks of art–and yet, the edifice is quickly becoming a model for office-building exhibitions. Through their “Art of Community” project, donors Jim and Janet Ayers are transforming what could be a serious, static environment into a who’s who of Tennessee artists: the building will features works from over 50 artists from the Volunteer State, including three of Tinney’s very own–Anna Jaap, John Folsom, and Mary Postal.

Ayers have also tapped some of Nashville’s eminent curators for the project, including Celia Walker of Vanderbilt University Libraries Special Projects, and Susan Edwards of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. We’re so compelled by the pseudo-exhibition because it has a music festival-esque vibe to it–bringing diverse artists together under one roof–like Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can check out works from some of our past artists, right in the heart of Nashville. Are you planning on checking out the revamped FirstBank building? Let us know in the comments section.

– TC

MAD About Croak

posted by – 02/23/12 @ 4:24pm

Unusual mediums are the name of the game at the Museum of Art & Design’s (MAD) newest exhibition: Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design. Of special interest to us? One of our artists–James Croak–who will display the dirt sculptures that have made him so famous. Kim Abeles also makes city smog into an art form in the exhibition, on display from February 7th – August 12th.

Swept Away also gives nod to the notion of interacting with the art itself. In Swept Away Projects (March 6th – May 14th), visitors can rub elbows with the artists themselves and touch the actual dirt. Whether you view dust, dirt, and sand as just that, or consider it an elevated form of art, you can’t help but be intrigued. For more info on Croak’s group exhibition, check out curator David McFadden’s video on Swept Away . And for more on Croak’s past dirt exhibitions, check out our past blog entry!

If you want to see even more photos of Croak’s group exhibition head over to Core77!

– TC

Rock the Vote

posted by – 02/21/12 @ 12:37pm

Paige West of West Collection asks: “How many art fairs, galleries, and studios must one visit to get a complete picture of the contemporary art scene?” We have to agree–sometimes, it’s just downright tedious staying in the loop with the year’s trendiest exhibitions. So, what’s an art hound like yourself to do? Vote! West Collection has managed to create an expansive sprawl of artists in their contest West Collects. In something that sounds like a soundbite from a 3 A.M. infomercial, West Collection crows that contest participants need only be 18 or older, and have a working painting/sculpture/photography portfolio.

But let’s get to the important stuff. Jaq Belcher–one of our represented artists–is featured in the contest. With a prize that comes in at a cool $300,000 there’s a lot at stake. Plus, we kinda want to show our competitive side…so in the words of P. Diddy–Vote or Die. Go here to vote for Jaq, or vote on your Iphone/Ipad via the West Collects app. And don’t forget to peruse past winners here.



Inspiring Installation

posted by – 02/07/12 @ 11:34pm

Many of you asked this weekend at Collector’s Art Night and the Art Crawl what became of Jaq Belcher’s “seeding” installation, sprinkled on the floor of the back gallery. While the centerpiece of Belcher’s “Suchness” exhibit may be gone, we thought we’d throw up this video of the installation to satiate our Belcher groupies. Enjoy!

Music credit: “Look at What the Light Did Now” by Little Wings.

– TC

Art Crawl Etiquette

posted by – 02/02/12 @ 5:43pm

With Collector’s Art Night and the First Saturday Art Crawl just around the corner, we thought we’d brush up on our art gallery etiquette. From critical conduct for artists, to a what-to-wear list, here’s our roundup of some art gallery pearls of wisdom. We hope to see you out and about on 5th Avenue of the Arts this weekend. Don’t forget to stop by Tinney Contemporary to see Peri Schwartz’s exhibition: The Architect Within.

1) Eat dinner first, says eHow. (We disagree. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a little wine and cheese?)

2) Daniel Grant encourages you to be polite, as an artist.

3) Avoid loud conversations. (Where’s the fun in an art crawl without those few boisterous individuals?)

4) No kids allowed? The New Yorker advises against strollers (Fair.)

We say…come early, be loud (ish), and stay late! See you Saturday.

For a full schedule of this weekend’s events, click here.