Month: August 2011

“Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it will enhance your life.”

posted by – 08/10/11 @ 11:57am


"Spade" by Claire Cotts, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x80"x2"

I could not have said it any better myself. The writers at had one suggestion above all when it comes to collecting art: “Buy [it] because you like it and because it moves you.” The largest misconception about art collecting is that you need to buy it because it’s expensive. Wrong! Like artist Denise Rich said, “it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be special to you.” Everyone needs art, but some are too hesitant to buy it. The truth is, you don’t need to drop thousands of dollars to have original art in your home. If the piece above your couch makes you smile, or brings a warm feeling to your heart, it’s value is priceless—even if it cost you a nickel. “Art is not a thing; it is a way,” said Elbert Hubbard, and the way art makes you feel when you walk into a room, or as you’re running out the door, is something that is irreplaceable–it feeds your soul.

But where to start? There are many great things about Nashville’s growing art scene, one of them being the events that help newcomers find their way in the art world. The Arts and Business Council (ABC) of Nashville will be hosting a “How2: The Art of Collecting,” night where art collectors and artists share their expertise on collecting. Anyone with interest is encouraged to come enjoy a glass of wine and some appetizers–but most importantly–gain inspiration in starting a lifelong art collection.


To read more about the How2 event, click here!


Happy 5th Birthday, Art Crawl!

posted by – 08/05/11 @ 4:56pm

Everyone is talking about it. From the Nashville Arts magazine and The Tennessean to the Nashville Scene and even News Channel 5– this Saturday’s Art Crawl marks a moment in Nashville’s history that no reporter wanted to miss. As we celebrate the 5th Avenue Art Crawl’s 5th anniversary, what we’re really celebrating is the flourishing art culture that Nashville has newly added to its name. As the Crawl gains growing popularity with locals and tourists alike, it is clear that this fifth birthday is just the beginning. Galleries outside of 5th Avenue are joining in the Crawl, as well as vendors and even musicians who have started performing on a movable performance platform right on 5th Ave. Come wish the Art Crawl a Happy 5th Birthday on August 6th from 6-9pm, and get a taste of a truly unique monthly tradition that we’re so proud to be a part of.